Game of Thrones Re-Watch: Battle of the Bastards

The seventh season of Game of Thrones starts July 16. As a lead-up, I’m re-watching the first six seasons of the show. Below are 10 thoughts I had while watching the ninth episode of season six, “Battle of the Bastards.” Spoilers for the entire series, but for this episode in particular.

Ramsay Bolton in Battle of the Bastards

  1. The masters are fools. They are so desperate to maintain power that they have convinced themselves that they can take on a queen with three dragons and an army of Unsullied behind her.
  2. This fight scene between the Slaver fleet and the dragons is so beautiful. It’s so rare to see effects that well done, especially on television. I guess that’s part of why the show is so ridiculously expensive to make.
  3. Ramsay is such a coward. He refuses to face Jon in one-on-one combat because he knows he can’t win. He’d rather sacrifice the lives of his men instead of his own life.
  4. “We’ll never get him back.” – When did Sansa become the smartest member of House Stark?
  5. Melisandre is so selfish. Jon says don’t bring him back, but she says she’ll try anyway. Because it’s all about her and validating her religious beliefs.
  6. If I were Davos I’d have gone back to the camp and put my sword through Melisandre the moment I found that pyre.
  7. I wonder how long the Ironborn will hold up Yara’s end of her deal with Daenerys. They do love reaving, raiding, raping, and pillaging.
  8. Poor Rickon. He was so close to being reunited with Jon and Sansa.
  9. Coming to help the Starks here is the only good thing Littlefinger has done in six seasons. Of course, they probably wouldn’t have needed his help if he hadn’t betrayed Ned in season one.
  10. After feeding his half-brother and step-mother to the hounds, Ramsay got the ending he deserved. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


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