Jessica Jones Re-Watch: AKA Smile

The Netflix series The Defenders premieres August 18.  As a lead-up, I’m re-watching all the Netflix shows set in the MCU. Right now I’m on Jessica Jones. Below are 10 thoughts I had while watching episode thirteen, “AKA Smile.” Spoilers for the entire MCU, but for this episode in particular.

Claire Temple in AKA Smile

  1. I’m glad Claire made an appearance this season, although I wish she was in more than just this episode.
  2. Its awesome how Claire just shows up and casually saves superheroes from dying. I think that’s her superpower.
  3. “I want it to kill you.” – We all do, Albert. But, of course, that would make Jessica’s life too easy.
  4. Albert’s death is so horrible. I can’t imagine the pain one must experience being partially dismembered while still alive.
  5. I have to laugh when Jessica describes Hogarth as “a sack of dark, oozing shit.” This show certainly makes her seem that way. I wonder how Melissa Rosenberg feels about Iron Fist softening up Hogarth.
  6. I wouldn’t have pegged Trish for a Sleigh Bells fan. Not that I’m complaining.
  7. It makes me so happy that Jessica told Trish she loved her.
  8. I love that Jessica just snapped Kilgrave’s neck. No need for a long, drawn-out one-on-one fight like we got between Matt and Fisk.
  9. Jessica and Luke’s reunion in The Defenders should be interesting, considering how he just disappeared from her apartment at the end of this episode.
  10. This is the first time I noticed that the DA who wants to bring charges against Jessica is the same character from season two of Daredevil.


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