Jessica Jones Re-Watch: AKA I’ve Got the Blues

The Netflix series The Defenders premieres August 18.  As preparation, I’m re-watching all the Netflix shows set in the MCU. Right now I’m on Jessica Jones. Below are 10 thoughts I had while watching episode eleven, “AKA I’ve Got the Blues.” Spoilers for the entire MCU, but for this episode in particular.

Trish Walker in AKA I've Got the Blues

  1. Poor teenage Jessica. It’s bad enough her whole family is dead and she’s in the hospital, but now she has Trish’s mom trying to arrange for the media to photograph her.
  2. It does not surprise me at all that a cult tried to recruit Robyn. There’s just something about her.
  3. Its lucky for Jessica that Trish is a minor celebrity and is able to get reservations at any restaurant in New York City.
  4. Jessica is such a liar. She would always choose saving people (or puppies) over killing Kilgrave. That’s why he has managed to survive this long.
  5. What kind of mother beats her own child? I hate people who hurt those they’re supposed to protect.
  6. As if being a murderer wasn’t bad enough, Simpson also fits into the same abusive stalker mold that Kilgrave does. I wonder if he’ll pop back up in season two, possibly as the supervillain Nuke.
  7. I get so much satisfaction from watching Trish and Jessica kick Simpson’s ass.
  8. I admire teenage Jessica so much for standing up to Dorothy on Trish’s behalf. No girl should be forced to make herself sick because her mother wants her to be skinnier.
  9. If Trish had died, I would have been so pissed off. And I don’t think Jessica would have been able to handle the loss.
  10. I watched all of Luke Cage trying to remember why Luke was no longer working at his bar. I completely forgot Kilgrave blew it up.


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