Jessica Jones Re-Watch: AKA WWJD?

The Netflix series The Defenders premieres August 18.  As a lead-up, I’m re-watching all the Netflix shows set in the MCU. Right now I’m on Jessica Jones. Below are 10 thoughts I had while watching episode eight, “AKA WWJD?” Spoilers for the entire MCU, but for this episode in particular.

Kilgrave in WWJD?

  1. Kilgrave doesn’t know the importance of family. The reason Jessica’s happiest memories are of home is because that’s where she was with her parents and brother. Not even Kilgrave can recreate that.
  2. Young Jessica had great taste in music. Nirvana, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers…
  3. “Purple’s not really my color.” – I know that’s she’s talking about the dress he gave her, but it’s a cute reference to Kilgrave’s comic book nickname Purple Man.
  4. Once again Jessica puts saving others above stopping Kilgrave. She may not want to be a superhero, but she is.
  5. Wendy is as much of a manipulative bitch as her wife.
  6. Jessica’s neighbor is so selfish. I hate people who try to make themselves feel more important without showing any regard to other people’s feelings.
  7. “Saving someone doesn’t mean unkilling someone else.” – This is such a powerful line. Its one of my favorites.
  8. The tragedy of what happened to Jessica’s family is that it could happen to any family. Not to mention the guilt Jessica feels, as she believes that her family would still be alive if she hadn’t been fighting with her brother.
  9. I could never figure out if Kilgrave cloned Jessica’s phone or if she just left it at the house. If it’s the latter, that seems a rather un-Jessica thing to do.
  10. The first time I watch this episode, I was completely shocked by the ending. Every time I think I know where this show is going, it takes a U-turn.


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