Jessica Jones Re-Watch: AKA Top Shelf Perverts

The Netflix series The Defenders premieres August 18.  In preparation, I’m re-watching all the Netflix shows set in the MCU. Right now I’m on Jessica Jones. Below are 10 thoughts I had while watching episode seven, “AKA Top Shelf Perverts.” Spoilers for the entire MCU, but for this episode in particular.

Malcolm Ducasse in AKA Top Shelf Perverts

  1. Why on Earth do we need to see Kilgrave peeing? And then, to top it off, he doesn’t wash his hands. Classy.
  2. Jessica really screwed up, dropping Wendy on the subway tracks. That’s what pushed Wendy over the edge and made her go after all of Hogarth’s money.
  3. Ruben was weird, but he didn’t deserve that. And Jessica certainly didn’t deserve the trauma of finding a dead body in her bed.
  4. I love how this episode gets its title. Supermax really is a place for “top shelf perverts.”
  5. I’m glad Malcolm finally sobered up enough to try and keep Jessica from making a bad decision.
  6. Trish’s mom is awful. It’s bad enough she exploited both Trish and Jessica, now she’s doing the same thing to a whole new generation of children.
  7. The shot of Jessica on top of the bridge is so beautiful.
  8. I can’t even imagine the force it takes to remove a human head from the body with bare hands.
  9. I’m like that the writers threw Officer Mahoney in this episode.
  10. It always bothered me that Jessica’s childhood journal would still be in her family home after all those years, since we know at least one other family has lived in that house.


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