Game of Thrones Re-Watch: The House of Black and White

The seventh season of Game of Thrones starts July 16. As preparation, I’m re-watching the first six seasons of the show. Below are 15 thoughts I had while watching the second episode of season five, “The House of Black and White.” Spoilers for the entire series, but for this episode in particular.

Arya Stark in The House of Black and White

  1. The scene with Arya sitting out the House of Black and White for days gives us our first indication that Jaqen is a dick.
  2. Sansa does have a habit of making bad decisions. She would have been so much happier if she’d gone with Brienne.
  3. I’m glad they still gave Bronn something to do this season. With Tyrion in Essos, I thought maybe he would fade into the background.
  4. And so begins the butchering of one of the most interesting storylines from the books. Seriously, how does the decision to just eliminate a major POV character come about?
  5. I think losing Oberyn pushed Ellaria over the edge. She seemed like such a chill character in season four.
  6. Daenerys looks so confused in the scene with her Small Council. I don’t blame her. I would not want to a ruler at any time, but especially not while there’s a war going on.
  7. I shudder to think at what kind of experiments Qyburn is conducting.
  8. I gained more respect for Kevan during this episode when he stood up to Cersei. Too bad he ended up paying for it.
  9. Shireen has such a good heart. As a book lover, I adore her for teaching Gilly to read.
  10. We get our first mention of Lyanna Mormont here. I find her equal parts adorable and terrifying.
  11. I always knew Maester Aemon was a smart guy, but I love him picking Jon over that bully Thorne. It was what Jeor Mormont would have wanted, after all.
  12. Lesson number one, Arya: Jaqen is bloody liar.
  13. Mossador was such an idiot for killing that Son of the Harpy. He put Daenerys in even a harder spot than before.
  14. And just like that, Daenerys loses her status as beloved mother.
  15. I’m glad to know Drogon hasn’t left Daenerys for good. Still, that shot of her all alone of the balcony as he flies shows how hurt she is.


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