Game of Thrones Re-Watch: The Laws of Gods and Men

The seventh season of Game of Thrones starts July 16. As preparation, I’m re-watching the first six seasons of the show. Below are 10 thoughts I had while watching the sixth episode of season four, “The Laws of Gods and Men.” Spoilers for the entire series, but for this episode in particular.

Tyrion Lannister in The Laws of Gods and Men

  1. Stannis is not worthy of you, Ser Davos.
  2. Ramsay really has thoroughly broken Theon.
  3. Those poor little goats. I understand dragons have to eat, but I doubt that’s any comfort for the goats.
  4. Part of being a good ruler is being merciful. Daenerys needs to learn that, or she’ll end up like her father.
  5. Of course Varys, who people think is a pedophile, is actually asexual. The real predator is much smoother.
  6. You just know Tywin loves sitting on the Iron Throne. I think it looks very uncomfortable. Give me a nice couch any day.
  7. Exactly what technology do the maesters have for testing poisons that they detect it on Sansa’s necklace? This is Game of Thrones, not CSI.
  8. Jaime does try to be a good brother. At least, he does when he isn’t raping his sister.
  9. Shae, how could you? So much for love.
  10. Tyrion really should have just demanded a trial by combat from the beginning.


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