Game of Thrones Re-Watch: First of His Name

The next season of Game of Thrones starts July 16. In preparation, I’m re-watching the first six seasons of the show. Below are 10 thoughts I had while watching the fifth episode of season four, “First of His Name.” Spoilers for the entire series, but for this episode in particular.

Oberyn Martell in First of His Name

  1. Cersei is being nice to Margaery. She must be up to something.
  2. So nearly everything Daenerys has accomplished so far in Slaver’s Bay has been undone. Time to prove yourself, Daenerys.
  3. Apparently Littlefinger has a history of getting women to poison his enemies. What a coward.
  4. I forgot that season four is where things start to fall apart for the Lannisters. Here we learn that their mines have run dry.
  5. Arya’s list has gotten quite long. Girl knows how to hold a grudge.
  6. Pod on a horse is me on a horse.
  7. “We don’t hurt little girls in Dorne.” – Oberyn, you couldn’t be more wrong.
  8. Jojen’s little speech to Bran makes me think Meera is going to die before Bran’s journey is over, since both Jojen and Hodor are now dead.
  9. So Karl’s hobbies include murder and rape. What a pleasant fellow.
  10. Craster’s wives are certainly braver than I am. If I were them and knew the White Walkers were coming, I’d be making tracks for Dorne.


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