Daredevil Re-Watch: Rabbit in a Snowstorm

The Netflix series The Defenders premieres August 18.  As a lead-up, I’m re-watching all the Netflix shows set in the MCU. First up is season one of Daredevil. Below are 10 thoughts I had while watching episode three, “Rabbit in a Snowstorm.” Spoilers for the entire MCU, but for this episode in particular.

Karen Page in Rabbit in a Snowstorm

  1. Friendly reminder that if you’re going to kill a mobster, you should really buy your gun from a weapons dealer you can trust.
  2. Telling a journalist not to follow a story is like telling a fish not to swim. It’s simply impossible for them.
  3. I’m glad they gave Karen a new job in season two. She really wasn’t a very good secretary.
  4. Foggy has no clue what Matt is up too. Just tell him, Matt!
  5. I don’t blame Karen for being pissed. It would take a lot more than six months’ salary for me to sell out. That’s just an insult.
  6. Poor Ben. It’s hard enough to be dealing with a dying loved one without having to worry about all the red tape that comes with it.
  7. Its frightening how Fisk manages to dig up dirt on the jurors. I guess it’s true that knowledge is power.
  8. As much as I love Karen for not taking the money and standing up to corruption, I don’t blame Daniel Fisher’s wife for taking the money. When you have kids you’ll do anything to protect them.
  9. As someone who never read the Daredevil comics, it wasn’t until I saw Healy put his head through a piece of metal that I began to grasp how dangerous Fisk truly was.
  10. Vanessa always rubbed me the wrong way. Probably because she didn’t seem to care about the horrible things Fisk did.


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