Game of Thrones Re-Watch: You Win or You Die

The seventh season of Game of Thrones starts July 16.  As a lead-up, I’m re-watching the first six seasons of the show. Below are 15 thoughts I had while watching the seventh episode of season one, “You Win or You Die.” Spoilers for the entire series, but for this episode in particular.

Cersei Lannister in You Win or You Die

  1. Open to Tywin skinning a stag. Which is gross, but also symbolic.
  2. Ned, you’re an idiot. Honorable, but an idiot.
  3. I’m glad we get some of Littlefinger’s backstory, but it’s pretty ridiculous that it takes place while Ros is practicing her moaning.
  4. “You’re from south of the Wall. That makes you a Southerner to me” – Osha reminds us that everything is relative.
  5. Ned thinks he’s being clever, writing rightful heir.
  6. I wonder who braided Drogo’s hair before he married Daenerys. Its very long and he doesn’t seem like the braiding type.
  7. For all his flaws, Ser Jorah is no fool.
  8. Sam wanting to take his vows with Jon makes me love him even more.
  9. “I always wanted to be a wizard” – As someone who’s still waiting for her letter from Hogwarts, I can relate Sam.
  10. Oh Renly. It must suck to be the third brother in a royal family, forever doomed to knowing you’ll never get the crown unless you start a rebellion.
  11. As if this scene wasn’t creepy enough with the bleeding, open-mouthed heart tree. Now Ghost has to come along holding a severed hand.
  12. I wonder how many hours it took Jason Momoa to memorize his speech in Dothraki.
  13. Whoever does Lena Headey’s hair deserves all the Emmys.
  14. Littefinger’s sigil should be a snake, not a mockingbird.
  15. And the poor Northerners never even saw it coming.


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