Game of Thrones Re-Watch: A Golden Crown

The next season of Game of Thrones starts July 16.  In preparation, I’m re-watching the first six seasons of the show. Below are 15 thoughts I had while watching the sixth episode of season one, “A Golden Crown.” Spoilers for the entire series, but for this episode in particular.

Viserys Targaryen in A Golden Crown

  1. Cersei’s a real bitch, but there’s no excuse for a man hitting a woman.
  2. Robb reminds Theon that he’s not a Stark. He’s just setting Theon up to betray him.
  3. Oosha certainly makes a first impression, doesn’t she?
  4. This scene with the horse’s heart is so gross.
  5. Viserys is such a monster, trying to steal from his own sister.
  6. I love Tyrion’s “confession.”
  7. Renly going off on Robert during his “making the eight” bit is wonderful. Really shows the tension between the two brothers.
  8. Robin is so annoying! I’m relieved he isn’t a major character.
  9. What Bronn lacks in skill he makes up for in style.
  10. Sansa really is horrible to her Septa.
  11. Joffrey is such a liar.
  12. I didn’t think Viserys could get any more stupid. Then he went and got drunk.
  13. “They can’t shed blood” – Obviously he’s never heard of a loophole.
  14. Daenerys really has become much stronger in these six episodes alone, base on the fact that she doesn’t look away when Jorah tells her to.
  15. And so Viserys becomes the first major character to die on the show.


7 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Re-Watch: A Golden Crown

    • If you like fantasy shows, I would. It can be a bit gross at times (heavy on violence and gore) and the plot lags a bit sometimes. But its one of the best written and acted shows on right now, in my opinion. Plus the scenery is breathtaking.

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  1. Oh I can’t wait for the new series! The last one was just amazing, although they all have to be honest. Unlike the walking dead which I am slowly giving up on.


    • Ha! I gave up on The Walking Dead when they killed off Beth. But Game of Thrones continues to deliver. And with only 13 episodes left I’m certainly not giving up now.


  2. I just started rewatching GoT also and can’t wait for the new season!! It starts 6 days after my birthday so I’m extra excited. 🙂 I agree with all your thoughts on this episode. It was an important one with Daenerys realizing her brother wasn’t the dragon he claimed to be (kinda the official start of her journey to the throne in a way). Anyway, happy watching!!


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