Game of Thrones Re-Watch: The Kingsroad

Game of Thrones (finally) returns July 16.  As a lead-up, I’m doing a re-watch of the complete series. Below are 20 thoughts I had while watching the second episode of season one, “The Kingsroad.” Spoilers for the complete series, but for this episode in particular.

Sansa Stark in The Kingsroad

  1. Ser Jorah seemed like such a nice guy. Shame he turned out to be a spy.
  2. I love this scene with Joffrey and Tyrion. Honestly, I wish Tyrion had slapped him more.
  3. Myrcella was such a sweet girl. She did not deserve the ending she got.
  4. This scene with Jon and Arya is so cute.
  5. Cat is such a bitch to Jon. I never really warmed to her because of that.
  6. Ned promises to tell Jon about his mom the next time they meet. Too bad that’ll never happen.
  7. Robert truly was an awful person, but he wasn’t wrong about the thread Daenerys posed.
  8. I forgot how much nudity there was among the major characters in the earliest seasons.
  9. I was no Cat fan, but I do love the scene where she and Summer save Bran’s life. She was a good mother, even if she was a terrible step-mother.
  10. I’d forgotten all about Daenerys’s little circle of ladies-in-waiting.
  11. It annoys me so much that Cat was smart enough to figure out the Lannisters were out to get Bran based on a single strand of hair, yet dumb enough to fall for Littlefinger’s lies.
  12. And here’s the scene where Doreah teaches Daenerys how to seduce Drogo.
  13. I forgot how nice Jason Momoa’s ass was.
  14. Enter Ser Ilyn Payne. I’d forgotten how many awful characters there were on this show.
  15. I’m not the biggest fan of The Hound, but I do appreciate his sense of humor. So glad he turned out to not actually be dead when he went missing for an entire season.
  16. This scene where Arya chases Nymeria away always makes me cry. She was such a good direwolf.
  17. I swear, I could slap Sansa for not telling the truth.
  18. I think manipulating Robert into ordering Lady’s execution is the most horrifying thing Cersei has done in six seasons. People who hurt animals are the worst.
  19. Oh, poor Mycah. He did not deserve what happened to him.
  20. I hate this scene with Ned and Lady so much. It isn’t as scary or violent as many of the others on the show, but I think it’s probably one of the most upsetting to me.

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