Game of Thrones Re-Watch: Winter Is Coming

In honor of Game of Thrones returning in two months, I’m doing a re-watch of the entire series. My goal is to do an episode a day. Below are 30 thoughts I had watching the first episode of season one, “Winter is Coming.” Spoilers for the entire series, but for this episode in particular.

The four Stark boys in Winter is Coming

  1. I’m getting chills, watching the opening scene. Brings back six years of memories. And possible trauma.
  2. I remember when the sight of a bunch of corpses on my TV screen used to freak me out. This show has accustomed me to it.
  3. “They even killed the children” – Yeah, that’s par for the course for GRRM.
  4. The first beheading of the series has occured.
  5. Credits time. I’m getting nostalgic looking at the names.
  6. It’s the Starks! They’re all so young. And alive.
  7. “Winter is coming” – It’s been 60 episodes and I’m still waiting, so…
  8. Ugh, I hate when this show deals with the death of animals.
  9. Speaking of dead animals, here are the direwolves. They were such cute puppies.
  10. Seriously, GRRM is a monster for killing off pets.
  11. Our first look at Jaime and Cersei. What an awful pair.
  12. This scene in the Godswood is so beautiful.
  13. And a gratuitous shot for those who like looking at men without their shirts on. Nice…
  14. Love how the aging of the direwolves is used to show the passage of time.
  15. It’s Joffrey. Yuck.
  16. I want to slap little Sansa as she’s making googly eyes with Joffrey. Girl, he’s gonna cause you nothing but trouble.
  17. Once again I’m reminded that all the Starks who Robert touches in this first scene of his is now dead.
  18. “All I wanted to do is crack skulls and fuck girls” – You really haven’t changed, Robert.
  19. And there’s Tyrion getting drunk. Some things in life are constant.
  20. This scene with Daenerys and Viserys always creeps me out.
  21. Drogo! There will never be anyone more perfect for Daenerys than him.
  22. “I want to go home” – It’ll only take you 60 episodes to get there.
  23. Honestly, I think Sansa is the character who has changed the most since the first episode. She was such a spoiled little brat, wanting nothing more than to be queen.
  24. Cersei calling Sansa “little dove” makes my skin crawl. Even more than her asking the poor girl if she’s gotten her period yet.
  25. “She’s says Jon Arryn was murdered” – Yeah, well Lysa would know, wouldn’t she?
  26. Ser Jorah is so handsome for being in his 50s.
  27. I love Daenerys’s horse.
  28. This scene where Drogo rapes Daenerys always makes me cringe. I never got completely past it.
  29. Bran, you should really have listened to your mother about climbing all over the castle.
  30. Not sure I’ll ever completely forgive Jaime for attempting to kill a child.

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